Beginners Guide to Smudging

Smudging is burning herbs, commonly sage, to clear negative energy on yourself or in your space. This practice can be useful when you are feeling negative emotions, depression, or spiritually unwell as well as if you feel negative energy in your home or space. You can use our smudge sticks to do this.

Smudging is a practice thousands of years old, and was used by Native Americans in ancient Rome & Greece and in Ancient Egypt as a way to cleanse a space from bad spirits and negative energy.



To Smudge: 

Light your smudge stick and let it catch fire. The best way to do this is carefully, with a candle, hold your stuck in the flame and let it light. Let it burn 10-30 seconds to get a good smolder and extinguish the flame. The cleansing smoke should be billowing from your stick.

Walk around your home in a clockwise manner, allowing the smoke to get everywhere. Pay attention to small spaces and doorways.

While slowly making your way through your space, repeat your intention out loud or in your minds eye to set the frequency of your clearing.

Once you are done, gently stamp out your smudge and ensure there are no embers still burning. You may also spray it with rose water. 

I like to open my windows after I am through to allow any remaining stagnant or negative energy to exit.

The smoke is not harmful, but please take caution if you have sensitive lungs. Use a bowl or shell to catch ashes and embers.

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