Crystal of the Week: Celestite


Harmony | Calm | Purity

The 'What If' Stone

Celestite brings divine energy into the environment and stimulates spiritual development. 

What is Celestite?
Celestite is a high vibrational crystal, also known as Celestine. It is made up of strontium sulfate. Celestite is most commonly pale blue or white but it can also be pink, pale green, pale brown, grey, or even colorless. The meaning of Celestite is mental clarity and higher purpose. Celestite is also uplifting and can be soothing. It is great for anxiety and can bring clarity and aid in the ability to reconcile in difficult relationships. 

Meaning: Celestite is also known as Celestine and derives from the latin word caelestis meaning celestial or heavenly.


Physical - Celestite is amazing for cleansing your aura, clearing your mind and bringing in peace. It can help the body flush out toxins and is great for helping the body heal from stress-related disorders such as digestion issues or acne breakouts.

Mental - This crystal perfect for finding your inner balance and sense of peace. Turn to it when you are struggling in relationships for assistance in clearing your mind from anger, resentment and sour mood. Celestite clears the way for clarity, clear eyes, and a sense of calm. 

It is also good for folks who often feel on edge or are regularly in a state of overwhelm as it assists in quieting the internal storm by inviting you to process your feelings, sit in stillness, understand your higher purpose, and let your inner strength and wisdom guide you.

Metaphysical - Celestite is an amazing metaphysical crystal. It assists in connection with angelic realms, and opens our minds. It is great for working with your Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

Throat: Celestite helps clear blockages allowing your voice and communication ability to thrive.
Third Eye: Enhance your intuition and wisdom.
Crown: Nurture etheric energy and expand your vision.

Celestite helps with nurturing your spiritual development by helping you with tapping into psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance. 

Planet: Venus, Neptune
Zodiac: Gemini
Element: Earth
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown & Throat


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