Crystal Healing Center

  • Crystal of the Week: Celestite

    Celestite brings divine energy into the environment and stimulates spiritual development. 
  • Monthly Crystal Spotlight: May Emerald

    Mays's Birthstone is  Emerald Luck | Health | Protection Known as the stone of successful love, Emerald is the stone of inspiration and infinit...
  • Crystal Spotlight: Dragon Blood Jasper

    Dragon Blood Jasper is known to represent courage and strength when dealing with life changes. 
  • Crystal Spotlight: Fire Agate

    Fire Agate is known for its deep connection with the earth. It is calming and brings a sense of security and safety. 
  • Monthly Crystal Spotlight: April Diamond

    Diamond is a symbol of love and purity. It is said that diamond bonds relationships. Diamond never needs recharging and is very effective when used with other crystals for healing. 
  • Monthly Crystal Spotlight : January Birthstone

    January's Birthstone is 


    Passion | Energy | Balance

    Garnet is an energizing stone that also offers protection. Garnet is said to promote love and devotion, heal emotional trauma and bring emotional balance. 

  • Crystal Spotlight: Apatite


    Stone of Guidance

    Apatite is a stone for manifestation for the future but also connects to past lives. Great for clearing frustration and aiding in drawing off negative energy. Beneficial for motivation, communication, manifestation and meditation.

  • Crystal Of The Week : Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz Universal Love | Compassion | Forgiveness The symbol of Love and BeautyRose Quartz is beneficial for overcoming trauma, addiction, ...
  • Monthly Crystal Spotlight : December Birthstones

    December birthdays get 3 birthstones  Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise Zircon Protection | Enthusiasm | Vitality Zircon is beneficial for relation...
  • Crystal of the Week: Amethyst

    Amethyst Balance | Spirituality | Intuition PowerhouseAmethyst is a great stone for memory and motivation. Beneficial for decision making, physi...
  • Crystal of the Week: Mahogany Obsidian

    Mahogany Obsidian Protection | Grounding | Abundance Stone of Releasing LimitationsMahogany Obsidian is said to help with clearing negative belie...
  • Crystal of the Week : Aventurine

    Aventurine Prosperity | Optimism | Luck Stone of ProsperityAventurine is known to as the stone of prosperity. It promotes compassion, empathy, an...