Story Time!

Welcome! My name is Jasmine, When I am not building a gifting empire, I am a wife, mother and musician.

Originally, Rainy Day was a seasonal project I had to help friends and family with gifting during the holidays. Learning to create art has always been a passion of mine, from painting to music and all the projects in between.

In 2015 I took my seasonal crafting from casual to the craft fair world. There, not only did I really grow my love for sharing my art and gifts with the world, I also went in to labor with my first child!

3 weeks later I learned that my sweet baby would spend his life battling Cystic Fibrosis. That news put a drive in me that I didn't know existed and I started pouring myself into my kiddos heath battle. In the process I lost my vision for what was then called "Rainy Day Handmade"

After a few years getting a grasp on life with a 'CFer' I was back at it working at building my empire. Rainy Day made a return to the craft circut the wheels started turning again!

Once I dipped my toes into the custom tshirt business, I knew